Commercial Sculpture Installations
These photos represent some of my Public works. Please scroll down for description of the projects.
"Wellspring" Public Art Project at University of North Florida's new Biological Sciences Building. The sculpture flows overhead over 100 feet above the new lecture hall lobby, 3 stories with a full wall of windows opposite.
The sculpture consisted of 87 individually blown glass parts, and colorful "floating" aluminum honeycomb grid structures. 
"Blue Wave" located in the new Heart Wing of the Firelands Medical Center in Ohio, brings art, color and movement forward into the new wing. It flows over 20 feet down the wall.

Regent Cruise Lines Navigator Cruise Ship- Prime Seven Restaurant on a four star luxury cruise line welcomes diners with "Viticulture I & II", inspired by vintage wine and fine food.

"Liquid Lily Glyphs" large scale glass installation on both sides of Escalator Lobby up to Reno Convention Center at Atlantis Casino Resort and Spa, Reno, Nevada

"Islamorada I & II"  are featured in the Arise Boardroom Lobby, the two sculptures were inspired by the vibrant Arise logo, a human resources/tech consulting company in South Florida. Bringing together different skills and diversity.

The "Z Reef" floating sculpture was inspired by a coral reef, and contains alot of movement and eye popping color. It welcomes residents into the Reef condominium, an award winning residence in Texas.